Canussa launches together with El Naturalista a slipper made from waste

Canussa Urban combines quality, comfort and design

As a result of the collaboration between the Spanish footwear brand El Naturalista and the vegan accessories brand Canussa Brand, a high quality, comfortable and made in Spain vegan shoe is launched on the market, contributing to the generation of local employment. In addition, with each pair of shoes, Canussa plants a tree in the most deforested areas of the planet contributing to the absorption of CO2 and thus reducing this greenhouse gas in the atmosphere.

Who is it aimed at?

This sneaker is unisex and is designed for people who want to respect the planet while maintaining comfort, functionality and elegance. The design is not only innovative but also timeless, trying to make it as versatile as possible. Furthermore, quality is something fundamental for Canussa and El Naturalista and for this reason, premium is placed on the product so that it can last for a long time in the best conditions.

Vegan leather

Canussa is committed to vegan leather that imitates the appearance and quality of leather but is environmentally friendly. In the case of this new model, the sole is made from recycled fishing nets, the midsole is biodegradable recycled eva rubber, the laces are made from recycled pet and the leather-like upper is composed of 70% Pes, 20% corn polymer and 10% Pu. Materials with which Canussa demonstrates once again its firm commitment to not using any material of animal origin, betting for the manufacture with recycled materials of high resistance;

They are currently out of stock both in marketplaces and on the website of Canussa Brand.


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