Canussa Sporty: the recycled bag with a social purpose

After many hours of work, our most special Canussa comes to light, as well as being a bag made in Spain sport and urban, has a great story behind it. Each sporty bag is a statement of values: sustainability, social inclusion and quality craftsmanship. Do you want to know it?

Bag made in Spain

Every Sporty is hand-sewn in a social workshop that provides employment for women with difficulties in accessing the labour market in Spain. In other words, they are bags made in Spain produced locally and in an artisanal way, thus reducing the carbon footprint, contributing to create jobs and improving the local economy.

In the case of the sporty bag, in addition, it is hand-sewn in a social workshop located in Valencia, where employment is provided to women at risk of social inclusion. This commitment and empowerment of women is what makes the Canussa Sporty unique, a purposeful bag

Sustainable bag

Another essential part of Canussa’s mission is sustainability. That’s why we have given a second life to seat belts recovered from car scrapyards, using them to give our bags exceptional durability and strength. In addition, we plant a tree for every sporty bag sold;

In this way, we are not only reducing our environmental impact, but we are also promoting the circular economy by designing sustainable bags made in Spain

Where can I get it?

The Canussa Sporty is a versatile and functional bag. Easily accommodates up to a 16″ laptop, sportswear, a water bottle and all your daily essentials. A recycled bag that fits your lifestyle perfectly. It also features an interior pocket designed to hold your mobile phone, keys or other personal items, keeping them organised and accessible;

And when you need to take it with you on your travels, it folds up easily, taking up very little space.

100% recycled bag.

In our Canussa Lab, we work daily to transform the fashion industry by finding the most sustainable solutions and innovative ways to produce, design and manufacture with the highest quality. This is the path we follow in the creation of recycled and vegan bags in SpainThe Sporty is an example of a recycled and vegan bag in Spain because it is made with a made in Spain fabric made from 100% recycled post-consumer polyester yarn. And its label is made from Canussa’s pre-consumer waste;


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