MASMOVIL Group turns its plastic waste into gifts for its employees

The innovation laboratory Canussa Lab and Grupo MASMOVIL, one of the leading telecommunications companies in Spain, close a cutting-edge collaboration in terms of sustainability. Together, they lead an innovative sustainability project that transforms Grupo MASMOVIL’s waste into premium corporate gifts for employees.

Companies B Corp

This project was born from the shared vision of both companies to contribute to the care of the environment and promote the reuse of materials to reduce waste, getting closer to zero waste. Being both companies part of theBCorp community, is among its objectives to make an effort to combat waste and promote sustainability.

In this case, MASMOVILthe surplus of unused sanitary masks, instead of discarding them, they looked for a more responsible solution: they contacted the Canussa Labthe Canussa innovation laboratory where they decided to shred and reuse production waste by giving it a second life.The product chosen by MASMOVIL Group was a Closset, a bag or backpack hanger ideal for the office, bike or scooter.

Sustainable corporate gifts

These Clossets are a sustainable corporate gift that is not only a token of appreciation from the MASMOVIL Group to its team, but also a testament to its commitment to innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Maria Cano, founder and CEO of Canussa, expressed her enthusiasm for this collaboration: “We are delighted to work with another B Corp like MASMOVIL Group on this unique project that combines sustainability and corporate responsibility. We hope to set an example for many other companies that do not know what to do with their waste and from Canussa we can give you the solution in the form of a corporate gift or business furniture, among others.”

Towards a more circular future

This joint project between Canussa and MASMOVIL Group not only demonstrates the importance of collaboration between companies to address environmental challenges, but also underlines the potential of sustainability in the world of fashion and corporate production. With a clear focus on reuse and waste reduction, these two Spanish companies are leading the way towards a more circular future


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